Tara Aesquivel

Arts Consultant

With 15 years of experience in nonprofit arts management and event production, Tara Aesquivel uses her expertise to support and embolden talented arts professionals to serve and uplift their communities.Tara brings a unique combination of formal education and on-the-ground experience to her consulting, utilizing best practice philosophies to inform practical, effective solutions. Tara works closely with clients to create specific, personalized solutions to address each organization’s unique needs and goals.Tara’s client roster includes LA28, Muse/ique, Invertigo Dance Theatre, and the Association of California Symphony Orchestras. Tara specializes in collaborative leadership and staffing practices, community-focused program planning, mission-centric budgeting, and professional development.In addition to consulting, Tara is Adjunct Faculty at USC, teaching Executive Leadership in the Arts for the Thornton School of Music.Tara is a proud mom, loves to be outdoors, and enjoys traveling.

Photo by Philip Holahan